DOOF DOOF was recorded live in Brooklyn, New York during the fall of 2015.
The recording was made with two Technics 1200SL-MK2 turntables and a
CM Labs CM607 mixer using vinyl records from the publications most beloved labels.

Cold Meat Lights No Fire EP - Don't Worry About A Thing - Outerzona 13
Jack J - Thirstin' - Future Times
Tambien - Deep Hai - Public Possession
Lipelis - Weirdshit. Xu Paelk w.Simple Symmetry - L.I.E.S.
LGK - I Like It - Golf Channel Recordings
Jeancy - U Turn Me On - Invisible City Editions
Bell Towers - Hyper Realized Self - Public Possession
Tiago - The Good Times Are Killing Me - Jolly Jams
Pelifics - Capitello (Chmmr remix DJ) - Full Pulp
Coober Pedy University Band ‎– Kookaburra - Animals Dancing
Alex Boman - Nokturn (Grand Finale) - Pampa
Powder - Spray - Born Free
Young Marco - Nonono - ESP Institute
Mind Fair - Mushroom Blues - Golf Channel Recordings